Community Service Provider Site Visit Scores

  • The Certification of community programs is defined in The Alabama Administrative Code Chapter 580-3-23. The degree of compliance with DMH certification standards are based on a score of 100%. The certification timeframes for community programs are as follows: 90% or above receive a two-year certification, 80-89% receive a one-year certification and 79% and below receive a provisional certification which is up to 60 days.
  • Definitions of DMH Programmatic Site Visit Type: Regular visits occur every 24 months. Initial visits are for a new service. Follow-up visits occur following a one year or provisional certification. Other visits occur due to monitoring, for-cause, or any reason the Service Divisions deem necessary. Deemed visits occur when DMH accepts a certification, license or accreditation issued by other recognized state or national organizations in lieu of an additional review through the DMH certification process. The Other and Deemed visits may not be scored.